About Us


Twisting with Style and Purpose

Trina B Satchell  is the founder of Jiptwist® reusable fabric twist ties.  Inspired in 2012 by her 70-year old mother's battle with Dementia, she created them to help with her daily struggles. As an added bonus, they also provided color sensory and visual stimulation. 

Trina soon realized just how useful they were, and this led to a full line of unique fabric twist ties that can be used for projects, fixes, decorations and organizational purposes around the home.

Since March 2016, Jiptwist reusable fabric twist ties have been organizing and identifying things in households everywhere with endless possibilities.

When you purchase a Jiptwist collection, you're helping to further the fight against Alzheimer's Disease.  5% of every sale is donated to aid in research of this terrible disease.   It's the support of individuals like yourself that can truly make a difference.  So we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.  Visit our products page and place your order today!