About Us

The Brand Story of Jiptwist

Founded in Matteson, IL in 2016 by Trina Butler-Satchell, Jiptwist was created from a place of love and inspiration.  While attending a family event in 2012, Trina watched her dementia-diagnosed mother create an extra-long twist tie made from a combination of multiple small, disposable twist ties.


Strength of A Daughter’s Love

Sparking an epiphany, Trina was inspired by her mother’s prototype, making improvements to her original twist tie design that included textured fabric with multiple lengths to add variety.  


In 2020, Trina’s mother lost her 8 year battle with Alzheimer's Disease. In honor of her late mother, Mrs. Irene Parks, Jiptwist donates a portion of its profits annually to helping find a cure and raise awareness for Alzheimer’s Research. Today, Jiptwist offers its customers a variety of fabric twist tie products made with care and purpose. To learn more about our products, please visit our products page. 


Our Mission 


Our mission at Jiptwist is to provide high-quality, eco-friendly fabric twist ties to our customers while raising awareness and supporting research for Alzheimer's disease. We believe that small changes in our everyday lives can make a big difference in the fight against this devastating illness. That's why we're committed to donating a portion of our proceeds to Alzheimer's research and advocacy organizations. By choosing Jiptwist, our customers not only get a practical and stylish solution for organizing their belongings and lives, but they also become a part of the solution to finding a cure for Alzheimer's. Together, we can make a positive impact and help change lives.


Our Vision 


At Jiptwist, we envision a world where every person affected by Alzheimer's disease is surrounded by love, support, and the hope for a cure. Our online fabric twist tie company is more than just a business – it's a movement that helps fund Alzheimer's research, raises awareness, and supports families affected by the disease. Our vision is to be a leading advocate in the fight against Alzheimer's, using our platform to bring attention to this pressing issue and inspire others to take action. By continuing to innovate and grow as a company, we aim to make a significant impact in the lives of those affected by Alzheimer's and help drive progress towards a cure. Together, we can create a brighter future for all.


Our Founder & CEO 



These are just a few adjectives that describe Trina Butler-Satchell, the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Jiptwist.  Trina received inspiration for the design of her now Jiptwist products from her late mother.  

Trina became an inventor in her early adulthood, creating 10-15 personal inventions that provide solutions to the everyday person prior to launching Jiptwist. Establishing her career with a corporate children’s toys and gaming manufacturer, she gained pertinent experience that includes  admin, logistics, international manufacture vendor management, trade show management, worked with buyers, and product safety compliance. 

In 2020, Trina‘s mother lost her eight year battle with the Alzheimer's disease. To witness her mother slowly being robbed of her ability to perform basic tasks, speak and lose her memory of those closest to her was devastating for the entire family. This reaffirmed Trina’s commitment to keep her mother’s spirit alive with Jiptwist, and supporting the Walk to End Alzheimer's annual fundraiser. Her mother gave her the inspiration and her father encouraged her to step out on faith and start her business. In  honor of her late parents, Jerry and Irene Parks, who supported her all her life she used their acronym “JIP” and launched the Jiptwist brand. 

Early in business, Trina experienced a lot of rejection with her product being misunderstood.  Through much trial and error, Trina educated her customers and discovered her audience, growing her business exponentially. 

As business grew, Trina was motivated to help organizations dedicated to Alzheimer’s research and awareness to help mitigate the tragedy her and her family experienced with the loss of her mother. Her advocacy work for Alzheimer’s awareness has garnered support for the Jiptwist brand.