8 Pk - Designer Inspired
8 Pk - Designer Inspired

8 Pk - Designer Inspired

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Celebrate the designer in you with our Designer Inspired Jiptwist ties!  These premium, hand-crafted fabric twist ties protect delicate surfaces, making them the perfect assistant to keeping your life clean and organized.  

Our unique design is wear-resistant, giving you long-lasting use for years to come!  

Keep your home, office, or hobby areas clutter free and  prevent tangled cords  with our easy-to-use design, created for everyday uses that include:

  • Organize cords, cables, snack bags, gift bags, and decorations
  • Attach to the zipper of your backpack, luggage, or purse for easy identification
  • Secures plants, jewelry, belts and much more!

This Package Includes:

(4) 7 inch Designer Inspired Jiptwist Ties

(4) 9 inch Designer Inspired Jiptwist Ties


Care Instructions:

Machine wash cold in a laundry pouch. Tumble dry in laundry pouch.

Risk-Free Product Guarantee:

Jiptwist stands by the quality of our products.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will replace your product at no additional charge.